New Technologies

Big Group Inc. can provide the following technologies with the help of our partners in the following fields:

Pyrolysis Gasification

This technology utilizes various biomass feed stocks from coal, sewage sludge, municipal garbage, livestock waste, green waste and other organic materials and converts them to a syngas or process gas. The gas is cleaned and condensed and then fed to a power generation plant or sent to our Fisher Tropsch liquefaction system to be processed into liquid fuels such as diesel, jet fuel and gasoline.

Fisher Tropsch Gas to Liquid Fuels Technology

This technology converts gaseous fuels into liquid fuels such as diesel, jet fuel and gasoline.

Coal Pretreatment

This technology makes coal a cleaner burning and more efficient fuel by removing sulfur, mercury, heavy metals, dirt and other contaminants and increases the BTU value on average by 30%.

Solar Collector

This technology is a highly efficient and highly productive solar collector technology, making high temperature / high pressure steam to generate electricity using a steam turbine generator.

Ceramic Cement

This technology uses the fly ash and dark ash waste and CO2 emissions from power plants and refineries to make a superior strength cement building product. One ton of ceramic cement will absorb and encapsulate up to 800 lbs of CO2 from a power plant or refinery.

Microbe Crude Enhancement

This technology utilizes a proprietary strain of microbe cultures to lighten the API and reduce sulfur content of crude oil down the well while at the same time increasing the well gas production. Current test results show great promise for this technology.


This technology grows algae at high rates to produce a high quality food / feed protein and a petroleum fuel product.