Big Lending Inc

Equipment Loans


Medical technology is constantly changing. New procedures, new devices and new equipment equal new expenses that can quickly add up for medical providers. Oftentimes, medical facilities and professionals seek medical equipment financing in order to purchase such equipment but find they are unable to obtain a loan through traditional means.

Many leasing and financing options are available, depending on your needs. Short- and long-term leases, lease-to-buy agreements, leasing with the option to return or exchange the equipment at the end of the agreement and 100% financing are all available through Big Lending.


We can provide a full range of financing solutions for equipment acquisitions in a variety of industries, which range from audio/visual, construction, technology, manufacturing, transportation, waste management, medical, to any studio product. As you and your business continue to benefit from our experience, knowledge, financial strength, and full geographic presence throughout the United States, we are proud to serve you and your business needs.

Our simple straightforward process helps speed up your equipment acquisition and your business growth more than ever before.