Big Group Inc

About Us

With more than 40 years of this related industry experience around the Globe, BIG GROUP INC. has established an internationally renowned reputation for its innovative business solutions and unwavering ethical integrity.

The company is dealing worldwide, in location such as: North America, South America, All Middle East , Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatari, Iraq, India, All Asia Korea, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Africa, and Europe.

We specialize in exporting all makes and models of cranes, construction equipment, mining equipment, reconditioned refineries, power generation plants, innovative green technologies, and commodities such as steel scraps, coal, sugar, rice & cement.

We are a USA based company with strong USA & World Wide references. We understand our local & Foreign Buyers Culture to do business with since 40 years.We accept the most easy & secure payment methods from our clients where they are totally secure to buy from us.

We would like to be your permanent one stop source of buying Equipment. Please let us know what are you looking to buy right now and we gladly give you our great prices and secure delivery.

In order to conveniently serve our diverse clientele, employees are able to communicate in English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, and Indian. BIG GROUP INC. has become highly respected worldwide for delivering services, products, and strategies of superior quality, so that the needs of our broad clientele are effectively satisfied. Operations include global import/export, sales, rentals, and leasing of premium construction equipment.

BIG GROUP INC. has maintained its competitive advantage through global joint ventures and collaborative alliances within the related industries. The success of BIG GROUP INC. is based on aggressive attention to global industry trends, machinery availability, competitive pricing, judicious capital dispensation, and connecting potential buyers and sellers. Our firm’s practices are anchored in sincere ethical principles, coupled by perpetual product and service innovation. The BIG GROUP INC. management approach creates unique synergistic opportunities by aligning our clients with strategic partners and products, in order that our shared goals can be efficiently achieved. Ultimately, BIG GROUP INC. aims to be the primary choice contractor in every market where we serve.

BIG GROUP INC. is confident that we can quote you the most competitive price and accommodate your needs from any location. If you would like to consider potential business endeavors or joint venture ideas.

We look forward to speaking with you.